Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño

Address: Parque Central
The Cultural Complex of Teresa Carreño is the pinnacle of artistic expression within the city. The place contains performance spaces for all forms of art, including theatrical auditoria, exhibition halls and galleries, dance stages, concert spaces, and ballet set-ups.
Every year the place attracts a large number of local and foreign performers who come delight Caraqueños with beautifully choreographed dances, gracefully synchronized ballet scenes, and heart-throbbing beats of music.
But that is merely what the programs inside are about. Even if you miss a performance, the architecture alone is sure to blow your minds away. The complex consists of a huge, massive form that looks like a hybrid between a medieval fort and a futuristic space station, very formally and elegantly embellished with modern architectural vocabulary, including treatments in glass, concrete, and steel. Sculptures in various materials are scattered around the charmingly landscaped spaces inside, and the Teresa Complex in itself is a must-visit for any enthusiast of the city’s landmarks.


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