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Places To Visit in Caracas - Venezuela

Ateno Theatre - Caracas

Ateno Theatre

A smaller complex located close by to the Teresa Carreño complex, containing a cinema, a pleasing art gallery with works of local artists on display, a number of small theaters, a decent bookstore, and a rather splendid cafeteria offering finger-licking local delights!
The Ateno Theatre is...

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Bolívar Summer House - Caracas

Bolívar Summer House

Address: between Esqs Bárcenas and Piedras The CenterCalle Londres, Las Mercedes
Phone: 0212 481 1915
Timings: Tuesdays to Sundays 9am to 12noon, 2pm to 4pm

Situated south of the historic core of the city, in a location...

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Calvario Hill - Caracas

Calvario Hill

Address: Paseo El Calvario, Urbanización El Silencio, Caracas
Timings: open daily 7am to 10pm

Go for stroll though these lush gardens containing an enchanting chapel and a brilliant white stone arch, all of which were built to emulate the city...

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Capilla de Santa Rosa de Lima - Caracas

Capilla de Santa Rosa de Lima

Address: west of Concejo Municipal, south of Plaza Bolívar          

This chapel marks the exact location where Venezuela was declared as an independent sovereign state in 1811 – although it took 10 more years for...

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Casa Amarilla - Caracas

Casa Amarilla

Address: Centro, western edge of Plaza Bolívar

Originally a prison cum sanitarium in the 17th century, Casa Amarilla is also known popularly as the Yellow House because of the shade of lemon yellow given to it after the country’s independence. Casa Amarilla is a...

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Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño - Caracas

Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño

Address: Parque Central
The Cultural Complex of Teresa Carreño is the pinnacle of artistic expression within the city. The place contains performance spaces for all forms of art, including theatrical auditoria, exhibition halls and galleries, dance stages, concert spaces,...

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El Avila National Park - Caracas

El Avila National Park

Address: foot of Mount Avila, north of El Centro district
Located on the foothills of Mount Avila and stretching all the way up to the very top, El Avila National Park offers an exciting recreational opportunity for you when you get saturated with the car-clogged roads and...

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Elliptic Hall - Caracas

Elliptic Hall

Constructed in 1872, and having serviced many administrative departments since, including the Federal Court, the Legislative Court, and currently acting as the Seat of Congress, the Capitol Building, also known as the Elliptic Hall, is a stunning whitewashed building with  golden domes that...

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