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Organized Tours in Caracas - Venezuela

Angel Eco-Tours - Caracas

Angel Eco-Tours

Address: Avenue Casanova, 2da Avenue de Bello Monte, Sabana Grande, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 656 1240
Fax: +58 212 656 1240

A cheaper alternative to eco-tourism, this agency, in addition to offering you predesigned...

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Nelson - Caracas


Address: Sabana Grande, Caracas
Not a real agency, Nelson is the name of a very friendly local college professor who rents out his apartment to tourists. What you get for the price is, apart from the very convenient apartment itself, valuable guidance about touring the...

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Osprey Venezuela - Caracas

Osprey Venezuela

Address: Centro Commercial City Market, Nivel Plaza 121, Sabana Grande, Caracas
Phone: + 58 212 762 5975
Fax: + 58 212 762 9890
Timings: Mondays to Fridays 830am to 12pm, 130pm to 430pm

A small...

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Salto Angel - Caracas

Salto Angel

Address: Western Sector Canaima National Park TT AC. 199 Venezuela
Phone: +58 212 6352166
Fax: +58 212 6352155

An agency that organizes eco-tours of the beautiful countryside surrounding Caracas, including national parks,...

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