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Hotel El Pinar

altAddress: Avenue Páez, front of El Pinar Zoological Garden, Caricuao district
Phone: +58 212 461 6011

Another small, quiet hotel located close by the city’s major tourist attractions, this place derives its name from the El Pinar Zoo right across the road. Venture outside the lobby and onto the street to enjoy some of the finest tastes around Caracas, both culinary and aesthetic, as the neighborhood is full of some of the finest eateries, boutiques, and historic landmarks around the city.
Pets are not allowed inside the hotel. A free of charge parking is available on the hotel’s own lot.

There are a total of 97 Guest Rooms with attached baths, cable television, and landlines. The rooms are well-lit and naturally ventilated, and most contain air conditioning.
Laundry service is provided on request.

The hotel’s primary diner serves a variety of pleasing international cuisines.
A lounge bar quenches your thirst with tasty local beverages and fizzy drinks.

Meetings & Events:
A small meeting room and a reasonably sized banquet hall are available on demand. Catering services are also provided for events


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