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Hotels in Caracas - Venezuela

Embassy Suites Hotel - Caracas

Embassy Suites Hotel

Address: Avenue Francisco De Miranda En Avenue El P - Caracas
Phone: +58 212 700 4200
Fax: +58 212 267 3761

Lying in close proximity to the major tourist attractions and shopping malls of Caracas and surrounded by the...

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Gran Melia - Caracas

Gran Melia

Address: Avenue Casanova, Sabana Grande, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 762 8111
Fax: +58 212 762 3737

Nestled amongst the liveliest of urban spaces within the city, Hotel Gran Melia offers business travelers luxury and value...

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Hotel Beethoven - Caracas

Hotel Beethoven

Address: Avenue Beethoven, Sabana Grande
Phone: +58 212 751 3280

A satisfactory place to spend the night and re-energize yourself for a walk through Sabana Grande the next day. The hotel’s advantageous location makes it an ideal choice for...

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Hotel Coliseo - Caracas

Hotel Coliseo

Address: Avenue Casanova, Sabana Grande
Phone: +58 212 762 7916
Fax: +58 212 761 7333

With an ideal location that gives you access to the best restaurants, bars, cinemas, clubs, and fashion outlets dotted around the...

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Hotel Dallas - Caracas

Hotel Dallas

Address: Avenue Guaicaipuro, El Rosal, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 953 1313

Very convenient for its rates, being located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town, Dallas offers a taste of the high life in Caracas at quite affordable prices....

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Hotel El Pinar - Caracas

Hotel El Pinar

Address: Avenue Páez, front of El Pinar Zoological Garden, Caricuao district
Phone: +58 212 461 6011

Another small, quiet hotel located close by the city’s major tourist attractions, this place derives its name from the El Pinar Zoo right...

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Hotel Las Americas - Caracas

Hotel Las Americas

Address: Avenue Casanova, Sabana Grande, Caracas
Phone: +58 212 951 7133, 951 7387, 951 7985, 951 7596
Fax: +58 212 951 1717

A 40 minutes drive from the international airport, Las Americas is another modestly priced hotel...

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Hotel Limón - Caracas

Hotel Limón

Address: Avenue Lecuna, frente Parque Central, Parque Central, Caracas.
Phone: +58 212 571 6457

Small and barely noticeable, Hotel Limón is located right in the middle of the modern urban district of Caracas. Proximity to two of Caracas’s...

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