Christmas time

The primary cheer of the year, Christmas marks for Caraqueños a taste of traditions fused with the local flair of merrymaking. Intended to be a purely ritualistic, formal event, Christmas is nevertheless celebrated with all the excitement of any other street festival, complete with singing, dancing, and pranks!
Being a predominantly party-making city, Caracas witnesses the full force of the holiday season right from mid-December, when shoppers start filling up malls, and restaurants offer special deals for exclusive items on the menu.
Churches conduct special masses that go on till January, and each weekend is marked with candle light processions and family dinners.
On Christmas Day, groups of amateur carol singers go door to door to spread the good cheer. Take a walk out around a residential area in the mid-evening to see the lights, the people, and the costumes and props that drape the city with a serene surrealistic glow.


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Christmas time
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