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Festivals in Caracas - Venezuela

Carnival - Caracas


A festival that draws in tourists and visitors to Caracas by the thousands, from all across South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean lands, Carnival is an event that gives new meaning to the phrase “partying hard!”
Marked by noisy street processions, splendid decorative elements, parades...

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Christmas time - Caracas

Christmas time

The primary cheer of the year, Christmas marks for Caraqueños a taste of traditions fused with the local flair of merrymaking. Intended to be a purely ritualistic, formal event, Christmas is nevertheless celebrated with all the excitement of any other street festival, complete with singing,...

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El Hatillo Jazz Festival - Caracas

El Hatillo Jazz Festival

El Hatillo Jazz Festival
For the love (and lovers) of Jazz!
Following centuries old traditions in local folkloric music fused with the modern blues and rumba of today, this festival brings together some of the best jazz players in the region for a long week of fun and music. Ethnic,...

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Festival de los Diablos Danzantes - Caracas

Festival de los Diablos Danzantes

Known as the Festival of the Dancing Devils, this is another pagan festival that originated in African dance methods but has been adapted to suit the religious and social lifestyle of Caraqueños.
First, all hell breaks loose as citizens put on colorful costumes, usually red or other bright...

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Festival Internacional de Teatro - Caracas

Festival Internacional de Teatro

The International Theater Festival provides immense global recognition to Caracas. It is held every alternate April, and draws in crowds of intellectuals and students from all across Latin America, featuring theatrical performances by popular local as well as foreign actors.

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Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria - Caracas

Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de La Candelaria

A revered religious celebration occurring during the first week of February that pays homage to the Virgin Mary, a highly esteemed religious icon in Latin American lands. This festival is marked with sober expressions of respect rather than zealous displays of passion. People from all over the...

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Independence Day - Caracas

Independence Day

Venezuelans are a very sentimentally charged nation, and they hold their historic moments in high esteem.
The 5th of July, the day when Venezuela gained independence from the Spanish Crown back in 1811, is regarded as a day of celebration, a day that is full of passionate chanting, singing...

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Natalicio del Libertador - Caracas

Natalicio del Libertador

The birthday of Simón Bolívar, Venezuela’s greatest celebrated hero, is observed on the 24th of July. A public holiday, the day is marked by ceremonial processions, art exhibitions concerning the life and works of Bolivar, and official political dinners at stately residences. This is a time for...

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