When to go

Caracas enjoys mild weather all year round, due to its tropical location, its proximity to the sea, and its altitude (800m above sea level).

December to April is a generally less humid season, constituting a magical autumn transforming into a blossoming spring. This is the time when tourist crowds are at their peak. All the major festivities around town, including Carnaval, Christmas, and Semana Santa, occur during this season. You will experience all the excitement of the Caraqueño street life and culture up close and personal when you visit during these months. However, this is also the season when shopping malls and restaurant owners decide to go all Beverly Hills on their prices. Apart from a few really generous sales, shopping during the high season is not at all recommended unless you know how to haggle well!

The months from May to October are usually not that popular with tourists, meaning air fares are much lower. So are the prices on local amenities and services. If you are on a budget, this is a great time for you to head to Caracas, as you can still catch some of the most exciting, though less crowded, festivals around town, in addition to the wonders of shopping, window-shopping, and all in between!