Fast Facts

Location: Caracas, capital of Venezuela
Dialing code: 00 58 212 X
(where +58 is the international code for Venezuela, 212 is the regional code for Caracas, and X is the local number)

Emergency numbers
   171 - Emergencies
   169 - Police
   166 - Fire Department

Population: 1,815,679
Languages :
Venezuela is a very rich country in terms of the variety of languages spoken and generally understood throughout. The 1999 Venezuelan Constitution declared Spanish as the official language, in addition to the languages spoken by the indigenous locals.

The languages most commonly used are: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and indigenous languages like Sikiana, Panare, and Yaruro.

You will be able to get along quite well if you are sufficiently fluent in English, as English is taught as a compulsory subject at school and university levels in Venezuela.

Time zone: UTC/GMT - 4:30 hours
   70% Roman Catholic
   29% Protestants
   1% Muslims and Jews
Average January temperatures: 13.1 °C to 29.0°C
Average July temperatures: 16.9 °C to 31.0 °C
Annual rainfall: 912.8 mm