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General Information About Caracas - Venezuela

Annual Temperature - Caracas

Annual Temperature

low temperature: 13.1 °C
high temperature: 29.0 °C
precipitation: 15.3 mm

low temperature: 14.5 °C
high temperature: 31.0 °C
precipitation: 13.2 mm

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Caracas History - Caracas

Caracas History

Caracas during the Middle Ages was little more than a small village in a beautiful valley occupied by indigenous tribes. The towering Mount Avila to the north of the settlement created a natural barrier that protected the city from the Caribbean Sea. Hence it remained out of sight from the prying...

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Caracas Residents - Caracas

Caracas Residents

Like any other developing city in Latin America, Caracas contains a rich mix of ethnicities. Its residents come from diverse national origins and backgrounds, and speak a variety of languages, eat an assortment of cuisines, and indulge in a wide range of cultural, intellectual, and social...

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Caracas Today - Caracas

Caracas Today

After the establishment of an independent colony in the early 1800s, Caracas continued to grow through the 19th century at a modest rate as new settlers moved in from Europe, and traders discovered that the cocoa it produced was some of the finest around the Caribbean.

It was only in...

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Exchange Rates - Caracas

Exchange Rates

The currency used is the Venezuela bolívar fuerte (VEF). This replaced the Venezuela Bolivar (VEB) with effect from 1st January 2008. This was due to unprecedented rises in inflation over the years. 1 VEF = 1000 VEB. The VEB, however, is obsolete currency.

The banknotes used are in...

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Fast Facts - Caracas

Fast Facts

Location: Caracas, capital of Venezuela
Dialing code: 00 58 212 X
(where +58 is the international code for Venezuela, 212 is the regional code for Caracas, and X is the local number)

Emergency numbers

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Public Holidays - Caracas

Public Holidays

New Year's Day (Año Nuevo) – January 1
Day of the Declaration of Independence – April 19
Labor Day – May 1
Battle of Carabobo Day – June 24
Independence Day – July 5
Simón Bolívar Day – July 24
Christopher Columbus Day/Day of the Indigenous...

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Visa Information - Caracas

Visa Information

A passport that is valid for at least six months is needed when visiting Venezuela, even as a tourist.

The visa process is generally hassle free, and takes around 2-3 weeks during the off-tourist season, that is the winter months.

The embassy would provide the required...

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