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Tashkent - Uzbekistan
Tashkent Today
Tashkent today is a city showcasing the perfect blend of Islamic and Western/Soviet culture. Having a population of approximately 2 million, it has a large ethnic Russian minority. Located in one of the most developed places in Uzbekistan, the city ...
Tashkent History
Know as ‘Chach’ in the pre-Islamic era, it started out as an Oasis on the Chirchik River. Only after the 16th century, the name slowly evolved in Tashkand. In1865, it became the new capital of Russian Turkistan. After the fall of the Russian ...

Kukuldash Madrassa
Kukuldash Madrassa is a Quran school built by the poet and scientist Kulbobo Kukeldash during the...

Tellya Sheikh Mosque
Tellya Sheikh Mosque is a beautifully designed mosque with an Islamic library containing ancient...

Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan
Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan: Contains art from over 1500 years ago. Location: Movarounahr...

Tashkentland is an amusement park with rides and games. This is a good place to go to have some fun...

Tashkent TV Tower
Tashkent TV Tower: The TV Tower has an observation deck offering spectacular views of the city, and...

Tashkent - Uzbekistan City Guide & Travel Information


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