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altThe easiest way to get around in Tashkent is by using the Metro. It is opened from 5am till Midnight and costs 140S per trip. The stations are safe and clean, and since the metro was originally designed as a nuclear shelter, it is prohibited to take photos inside.

Trains to other cities in Uzbekistan leave from the Southern Station: Usman Nosir kochasi. This is the train schedule:
Train 2 :  Tashkent (7am) → Samarkand (10.50am)    {Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday}
Train 50 : Tashkent (7pm) → Samarkand (11.55pm)   {Daily}
Train 1 : Samarkand (5pm) → Tashkent (8.50pm)       {Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday}
Train 49 : Samarkand (7am) → Tashkent (10.55am)   {Daily}

Train 662 : Tashkent (8pm) → Bukhara (8am)             {Daily}
Train 661 : Bukhara (6.45pm) → Tashkent (7am)        {Daily}

Train 54 : Tashkent (3.40pm) → Urgench (11.35am)   {Wednesday and Saturday}
Train 53 : Urgench (2.05pm) → Tashkent (9.40am)     {Tuesday and Saturday}

Train 280 : Tashkent (5.25pm) → Termiz (1pm)          {Even days}
Train 279 : Termiz (2.30pm) → Tashkent (9am)          {Even days}

More Transportation - Getting Around in Tashkent - Uzbekistan


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