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Transportation - Getting Around in Tashkent - Uzbekistan

Buses - Tashkent


There are three types of buses in which one get around in; Buses, Trams and Trolleybuses. They cost 160 S to 200 S; this amount can be paid on board to the driver or the conductor.  The next stop or destination is written on the window of each bus.
Private buses leave from a lot which is...

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Car for hire - Tashkent

Car for hire

Major international rent-a-car companies cannot be found in Tashkent, but some local places do offer vehicles for rent, including local taxi companies that will rent out cars with drivers. The rates for rental can be negotiated.

Shukhrat - Tashkent

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Driving Tips - Tashkent

Driving Tips

Cars are driven on the right hand side in Uzbekistan, and registration and insurance papers must be carried all the time. UK driver’s licenses or International Driving Permits are needed to drive. Be careful while driving as some of the roads are bumpy and poorly lit at night. The driving style...

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From the airport - Tashkent

From the airport

Finding a taxi at the airport to take you to the city centre is easy. Like all taxis, their rates can be negotiated as well. Most hotels will send their cars to pick you up from the airport and this can be arranged when the booking for the hotel is made....

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Metro/Train - Tashkent


The easiest way to get around in Tashkent is by using the Metro. It is opened from 5am till Midnight and costs 140S per trip. The stations are safe and clean, and since the metro was originally designed as a nuclear shelter, it is prohibited to take photos inside.

Trains to other...

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Taxi - Tashkent


Taxis are cheap and rates can be negotiated with the driver. Apart from official taxis, almost everyone with a car acts as a taxi. While these private taxis are safe to use, most embassies discourage using them. Here are the numbers for taxi service providers in  Tashkent :
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