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Chorsu (Eski Juva) Bazaar

altEski Juva bazaar is the biggest and oldest bazaar in Central Asia, and has been in the same place for over 2000 years. It was reconstructed in the 1980s.The stalls of the bazaar stand under seven huge domes covered with colored glazed tiles. The biggest dome contains cooking herbs and spices. It is famous for peanuts boiled in sugar or honey, covered with sesame seeds. Under the small domes, craftsmen make and sell jewelry, painted cradles, Uzbek chests with metal decorations, embroidered tapestries and jiyak (lace for trimming the lower edges of women's trousers), quilted men's (chapan) and women's (yashmak) caftans; kurpacha quilts and pichok knives in leather or brass sheaths and national musical instruments. You will also find carpets from Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara, Afghanistan and Turkey. 


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