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Restaurants in Tashkent - Uzbekistan

Al Delfin - Tashkent

Al Delfin

Al Delfin: has sheesha an great Arabic food. ...

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Amfora Greek Rastaurant - Tashkent

Amfora Greek Rastaurant

Cuisine: Greek Cuisine.
Location: Near junction of Shahrisabz Street and Movarounnakhr Street. ...

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Ariston - Tashkent


Excellent food and cabaret entertainment, Family restaurant.
Location: Sabir Rahimov, st.Lashkarbegi, 2 (Off of Pushkin street) -


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Ariston Park - Tashkent

Ariston Park

One of a few good places to eat in Boghi Eram Recreation Park ...

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Budget Restaurants - Tashkent

Budget Restaurants

There are many small restaurants and road side kiosks serving simple meals at good prices.
Burgers and kebabs are common.
Borsch (soup) is perfect for a cold winter’s day.
Drujba Burgers (a local chain) can be found all...

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Caravan - Tashkent


It has live music and an art gallery. It can get pretty crowded so reservations are recommended.
Cuisine: European and Uzbek cuisines
Location: A Khalkat kochasi 22a,
Tel:  1507555, 1506606, 150395 ...

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Khan Kuk Kwan - Tashkent

Khan Kuk Kwan

Cuisine: South Korean Cuisine. ...

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La Riva - Tashkent

La Riva

It is a college student hangout as students stop by throughout the day. Right next to Salvador Dali night club. 
International cuisines from Russia, Korea, Italy as well as fast food.


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