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Union Station

ImageAs soon as you step into the station you literally collide with ambling visitors, tourists, office workers. You actually step into the heart of ‘Washington Life’. Located with full view of the Capital, this was the largest train station in the world when it opened in 1907. It was designed by noted architect Daniel H. Burnham who based his designs on the Baths of Diocletian and arch of Constantine in Rome. Its façade includes ionic colonnades fashioned from white granite, and 100 sculptured eagles. The East Hall has a gorgeous hand stenciled skylight ceiling and stunning murals of classical scenes inspired by ancient Pompeian art. With the decline in rail travel in the 1960’s , rain caused parts of the roof to cave in and the entire building was sealed in 1981. That same year Congress allotted funds for the preservation and restoration of this national monument.
At least 25 million people come through Union Station's doors yearly. About 120 retail and food shops on three levels offer a wide array of merchandise. Movie theatres also form part of this complex. And you'll be happy to find that most of the offerings in the food court are not fast-food joints but an eclectic mix of excellent, mostly homegrown restaurants.
50 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Tel: (202) 371- 9441
Website: www.unionstationdc.com 

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