Washington DC Residents

In 2006, the population distribution was 55.5% African American, 34.5% Caucasian, 8.2% Hispanic (of any race), 5.1% other (including Native Americans, Alaskans, Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders), 3.4% Asian and 1.5% mixed (two or more races).[53] Even though they comprise the city's largest ethnic group, Washington has a steadily declining black population due to many African Americans leaving the city for suburbs. At the same time, the city's white population has steadily increased, in part due to effects of gentrification in many of Washington's traditionally black neighborhoods. A 2007 report found that about one-third of Washington residents are functionally illiterate, compared to a national rate of about one in five.
However, while one-third are functionally illiterate, 45% of D.C. residents have at least a four-year college degree, the fourth-highest rate in the nation, which further illustrates the social divide present in the city.
Residents who practice Islam make up 10.6% of the population.