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Transportation - Getting Around in New York - United States

Airtrain - New York


The Airtrain Newark is the newest addition to Manhattan and Newark's transportation system by way of a monorail. It is easy to use and very efficient. For instance, you can find the Airtrain by following the signs at any of the arrivals terminal. All Airtrains take you from the Newwark...

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Bicycle Hire - New York

Bicycle Hire

It is not recommended to brave the New York City streets on a bike. The heavily populated streets make touring the city of New York a not so smooth ride. Also, the streets are not the most pleasant seeing as there is a lot of both pedestrian and car traffic. However, riding a bike around Central...

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Bus - New York


Though this is one of the slowest methods of transportation, it may not be such a bad idea if you want to tour the city and get to know some neighbourhoods. Bus stops are almost found everywhere, with each stop being in a two or three block proximity from one another. The cost of a one-way ride is...

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Car Hire - New York

Car Hire

In order to rent a car in NYC you must be at least 25 years of age and carry a valid national driving license. In some cases, though, you may be required to show an international driving permit. Also, a minimum third party insurance must be purchased in order to rent a car. Read More

Driving in the City - New York

Driving in the City

Driving in NYC may prove intimidating for some and plain out obnoxious for others. Manhattan traffic is congested (particularly near the entertainment areas such as Times Square), loud (be prepared to hear some serious horn-honking), and the drivers can be forcefully rude and inconsiderate. And...

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From the Airport - New York

From the Airport

There are three major airports in New York City:
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Jamaica, New York 11430
Tel: 718-244-4444
LaGuardia Airport Read More

Manhattan Taxi - New York

Manhattan Taxi

Manhattan taxis are probably the most famous and recognizable taxis in the world. They are colored in yellow and carry black stripes. And, as seen on many movie screens and television sets, you can hail a cab on any curb by waving your hand out. Keep in mind that NYC taxis are required, by law, to...

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Private Buses & Shuttles - New York

Private Buses & Shuttles

Buses and shuttle services can offer the less expensive but also comfortable option of getting from the airport to your intended destination. However, one downside is that private buses and shuttle services can a bit more time-consuming than hiring a taxi, and during rush hour this option can be...

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