Yes, it’s a fast food chain, but don’t confuse Chipotle with other fast food restaurants in the United States.  In the last decade, the burrito has become a staple of the American diet.  Imported from the Mexican border, trendy burrito chains have popped up throughout the country in recent years.  Chipotle stands above them all.  Founded in 1993, it has quickly expanded and now has more than 1,000 restaurants.  In Manhattan alone, there are more than thirty locations.

There are two things that propel Chipotle past the realm of ordinary fast food.  First, all of the ingredients are organic.  Second, everything is freshly prepared in full view of diners.  None of the restaurants contain microwaves, freezers, or can openers.  Don’t mistake freshness for healthiness, as an average burrito contains more than a thousand calories.  But you really can taste the fresh ingredients, and as long as you keep the high calorie count in mind, it’s actually pretty good for you.

You’re of course going to want to get a burrito (though tacos, salads, and quesadillas are also available).  You start by choosing fajita (peppers and onions) and/or beans.  Next you decide on the meat – pork, beef, or chicken.  After that comes salsa, which ranges from mild to hot.  The best combination is mild and medium; spiciness can be added manually with a host of tobacco sauces.  Sour cream, corn, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole are also available.  You can’t go wrong with any combination.  


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