Trinity Church

The historic Trinity Church is an anachronism in New York’s Financial District.  The first Trinity Church opened in 1698, part of the Episcopalian denomination.  The current building is the third incarnation, completed in 1846.  It is a magnificent example of Gothic Revival architecture and the 86m spire made Trinity Church the tallest building in New York City until 1890.

Today the grounds of the church are an oasis in Lower Manhattan.  The graveyard is home to several famous early Americans.  Founding father and celebrated duelist Alexander Hamilton is buried here.  The oldest gravestone dates back to 1681 and belongs to a Dutch child.  The church itself has several interesting statues and works of art.  The bronze doors are particularly noteworthy, as are the stained-glass windows.

Just five blocks away is Saint John’s Chapel, part of the same diocese as Trinity.  Built in 1766, this is the oldest church in New York City.  Located just across Church Street from Ground Zero, the chapel survived despite taking damage.  The Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum, located along the Hudson River, is also part of Trinity Church’s diocese.

Trinity Church is a bit of a hidden treasure.  The 19th century architecture is in stark contrast to the modernity of New York’s Financial District.  It’s definitely worth a visit.

Address: 74 Trinity Place, New York, NY 10006
Telephone: +1 (212) 602 0800
Subway: Broad St., Rector St.
Open every day, hours vary.
No admission.

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