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Jewish Heritage Museum


The Museum of Jewish Heritage is a living memorial to the Holocaust.  It first opened in 1997 and features a collection of more than 25,000 objects that illustrate Jewish heritage in the 20th century.  New York was the natural choice for its location, having a larger Jewish population than any other city in the world.


The exhibits on display include personal objects, photographs, and original films.  The museum is spread over three floors, each with a different theme: Jewish Life a Century Ago, The War Against the Jews, and The Jewish Renewal.  Special exhibitions are held from time to time.



Location: 36 Battery Place
Telephone: (646) 437 4200
Website: www.mjhnyc.org/
Subway: Bowling Green
Hours: Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-17:45; Wednesday 10:00-20:00; Friday 10:00-17:00 (may vary)
Closed Saturdays, Jewish Holidays, and Thanksgiving Day
Admission charge:
$10.00 Adults
$7.00 Seniors
$5.00 Students
Free admission every Wednesday from 16:00-20:00


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