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Guggenheim Museum

ImageThe Guggenheim houses an impressive collection of modern art, but it is better known for its architecture.  It was one of the final buildings designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1959, six months after his death.  It took more than ten years for Wright to come up with the final plan for the museum.  The design resembles an off-white drill penetrating the earth of Midtown Manhattan.  Inside, guests walk up a spiral helix, with the paintings displayed on the outside wall.  The curved walls make hanging the paintings a challenge.


The museum is named for Solomon R. Guggenheim, a businessman and art collector.  In 1937 he started an eponymous foundation dedicated to modern and postmodern art.  Today the foundation runs museums throughout the world (including one scheduled to open in Abu Dhabi in 2013).  Most pieces in the museum are from Guggenheim’s personal collection, but several other acquisitions are here too.  Artists on display include Seurat, Kandinsky, and Picasso.  


Address: 1071 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street
Telephone: (212) 423 3500
Website: www.guggenheim.org
Subway: 86th Street
Hours: Saturday-Wednesday 10:00-17:45, Friday 10:00-19:45
Closed Thursday.
$18.00 Adult
$15.00 Student/Senior




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