Helicopter Flight Service

New York City can be an overwhelming place.  It can be hard to truly comprehend the scale of everything, especially from the ground.  For a different perspective, check out Helicopter Flight Services.  The unique helicopter tours they offer provide unbeatable views of the city.  The service is also great, as the staff and pilots are knowledgeable and friendly.  They are based in Lower Manhattan.

There is room for five passengers on each flight, plus the pilot.  The helicopters have large windows, providing panoramic views of the city.  Check the weather forecast before making your reservation, since you won’t have as good a view if it’s dreary.  Tours last from fifteen minutes to a half hour.  It may be expensive, but it’s also an experience you’ll never forget.

Website: www.heliny.com
Telephone: (212) 355 0801
Price: Tours begin at $149 per person.