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Festivals in New York - United States

Harlem Week - New York

Harlem Week

Harlem Week is one of New York's largest cultural celebration that honors the community of people which encapsulate the Harlem spirit and hardship. ...

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Independence Day - New York

Independence Day

In celebration of America's Independence from Britain, the fourth of July brings fireworks, barbeques, and the spectacular Macy Independence Day parade held on the East river. It is one of the liveliest outdoor days of the year. ...

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JVC Jazz Festival - New York

JVC Jazz Festival

Founded in 1972 by George Wein, American jazz promoter and producer, the annually held New York Jazz Festival has become the most prestigious jazz festival in the world. The festival spans two weeks and offers various jazz performances by world-known Jazz musicians in concert halls, clubs, schools,...

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New Year's Eve - New York

New Year's Eve

The ball drop in Manhattan’s Times Square is the world’s most popular New Year’s Eve celebration, watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe.  More than one million people make the trip to Times Square to view the event.  It takes sixty seconds for the ball, made out of...

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Puerto Rican Day Parade - New York

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Held on the second Sunday in June, the National Puerto Rican Day parade is held to honor all the Puerto Ricans living in New York City. Known as the largest parade in New York City, the event takes place along Fifth Avenue and brings in many celebrities and local politicians. ...

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St. Patrick's Day Parade - New York

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Get ready to greet and meet the Irish on March 17th. Credited to be the largest Saint Patrick’s Day (or 'Paddy’s Day', to be endearing) parade in the world, New York City’s Paddy’s Day parade honors the death of one of the patron saints of Ireland, Saint Patrick, with booze, food, music,...

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Thanksgiving Day - New York

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November in the United States.  The holiday is a celebration of the harvest, specifically the first one in the New World.  Most Americans gather with their families to eat turkey and watch American football.  In New York, Thanksgiving...

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Three Kings Parade - New York

Three Kings Parade

An annual event, the Three Kings Parade commemorates the day the three wise kings came to pay their respects to baby Jesus. A   parade filled with children costumed in sheep, camels, and donkey outfits, strolls down Fifth Avenue in what is probably the most festive day of the season.The...

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