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General Information About New York - United States

Annual Temperature - New York

Annual Temperature

High: 3 °C; 38 °F
Low: -3 °C; 26 °F

High: 5 °C; 41 °F
Low: -2 °C; 28 °F

High: 10 °C; 50 °F
Low: 2 °C; 35 °F

High: 16 °C; 61 °F
Low: 7 °C; 44 °F
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Exchange Rates - New York

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}  ...

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Fast Facts - New York

Fast Facts

Location: New York State (NY).   Dialling code :1.   Population : 8,143,197 (metropolitan area, estimate 2006).   Languages:English (essential), American English encompasses a multitude of regional accents of differing degrees of intelligibility, Spanish (other) - Spanish...

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New York History - New York

New York History

The first inhabitants of New York were the Lenape Native Americans, who were present when Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano arrived in the region in 1524. Verrazzano was under the commission of the French crown, and upon his discovery, named the town “New Angouleme.” However,...

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New York Today - New York

New York Today

New York, New York.  The Big Apple.  The City that Never Sleeps.  Frank Sinatra famously sang “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”  And as Jay-Z sang, it still rings true today.  The city’s intractable spirit, unswayed by the tragedy of 9/11, continues...

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New Yorkers - New York

New Yorkers

New Yorkers are known for having an in-your-face type of attitude. They are direct, and have no time for sugar-coating statements. Yet, though sweeping statements are often made of this unique population, New Yorkers are also as diverse as the neighborhoods in which they live in. For instance,...

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Public Holidays - New York

Public Holidays

Many stores, restaurants, and governmental offices are closed during the following holidays:
January 1: New Year's Day
January 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Third Monday...

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Visa Information - New York

Visa Information

The following lists the documents and steps required for a non-immigrant visa:
1. You need to schedule an interview appointment unless your citizenship waives you from this step. A personal interview is required for applicants 14 and older.  Applications are accepted Sunday –...

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