Taxi stands are usually located at airports and major hotels so trying to flag one down on the streets of Los Angeles will be a very frustrating experience. Plus the fares are also very high with a short trip costing about $20. If a taxi ride is essential, then it is best to call for one from any one of the following companies: 

Beverly Hills Cab Company (tel: 1 800 273 6611; website:  Independent Taxi Company (tel: 1 800 521 8294; website:

Bell Cab (tel: 1 888 235 5222; website:;

Checker Cab (tel: (213) 481 2345)

LA Yellow Cab (tel: 1 877 733 3305; website:

Alternatively, you can also check out the various taxi operators from 

Always check for the Los Angeles Taxicab Seal before you get into a taxi.