From the airport

A taxi stand is located at the Arrivals section of LAX. A trip from the airport to Downtown Los Angeles would cost about $42. Travelling from LAX to Beverly Hills would cost around $25, and even more if going to Hollywood. Make sure you check out the prices before you get in. Also be sure to look out for the Taxicab Seal! An airport surcharge of $2.50 is expected. 

Shuttle services also operate at the airport, which transports passengers to their hotels. Fares are pretty reasonable, but the journey may take long. Shuttle Services include:  

Time Shuttle (tel: (310) 536 7922 or 1 800 733 8267; website:

Super Shuttle (tel: 1 800 258 3826; website:

Xpress Shuttle (tel: (310) 323 7222 or 1 800 427 7483; website: Prime

A free shuttle service is also provided to passengers, which takes them from the airport to Parking Lot C. From there, they can hop onto an MTA bus, which covers most parts of the city. A free shuttle service is also available to Aviation Station for passengers who want to use the MetroRail.