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Transportation - Getting Around in Los Angeles - United States

Buses - Los Angeles


www.mta.net and 1-800-COMMUTE are good resources for understanding the bus system in LA.  In general, the bus system is a good way to get around LA, with many residents choosing to use the Rapids, as they have fewer stops and cuts through traffic well. 
Fares are $1.25 per...

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Car for Hire - Los Angeles

Car for Hire

Renting a car in Los Angeles is a very cheap option, and all major car rental companies have offices there. Be sure to keep an eye open for discounts and seasonal promotions. Drivers must be at least 25, depending on the policy of the company. Check out the websites below for information regarding...

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Driving Tips - Los Angeles

Driving Tips

It is quite easy to get around LA by car, but before you hop in behind the wheel, know exactly where you're headed and it is always best to have a map at hand - saves a lot of frustration later on! It is worth knowing that most highways in LA have a number and a name. Some freeways have carpool...

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From the airport - Los Angeles

From the airport

A taxi stand is located at the Arrivals section of LAX. A trip from the airport to Downtown Los Angeles would cost about $42. Travelling from LAX to Beverly Hills would cost around $25, and even more if going to Hollywood. Make sure you check out the prices before you get in. Also be sure to look...

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Metro - Los Angeles


MetroRail is a subway and light rail system. Visiting popular tourist destinations may require multiple transfers.  If a trip involves more than one line, then passengers must have separate tickets for each line or use a day pass.  Fare is: $1.25 one way, $5.00 day pass (good until 3 AM...

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Taxis - Los Angeles


Taxi stands are usually located at airports and major hotels so trying to flag one down on the streets of Los Angeles will be a very frustrating experience. Plus the fares are also very high with a short trip costing about $20. If a taxi ride is essential, then it is best to call for one from any...

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