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Transportation - Getting Around in Houston - United States

Buses - Houston


The bus service in Houston is operated by METRO, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Visitors can call the customer service number below, to find out which buses take you where. Alternatively, you can use the 'Trip Planner' service that's available on the METRO website to map out your...

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Car for hire - Houston

Car for hire

Before hiring a car in Houston, you need to make sure you're covered by your insurance company. A driver's license is compulsory. Some of the car rental companies are:   Avis Address: 4825 Richmond Avenue at Galleria Tel: (713) 629 7230 Website: www.avis.com...

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Driving Tips - Houston

Driving Tips

Hiring a car in Houston is recommended, because it is cost-effective and allows you to explore parts of the city which are not covered by the Light Rail. Having said this, driving during the rush hours(07.00 - 09.00 and 16.30 - 18.30) is not advisable as the roads tend to be congested.   Be...

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From the airport - Houston

From the airport

Tourists can take a taxi from George Bush Intercontinental Airport and the ride would cost between $45 to $55 and would take about 40 minutes. Alternatively visitors can go for the shuttle services which take people to and from the airport to almost all hotels. Ticket prices depend on the distance...

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Light Rail - Houston

Light Rail

The Light Rail system was first established in 2004 and is operated by METRO -- The Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Tourists in particular will find this system useful because the Light Rail covers areas such as Reliant Park, the Museum District, the Medical Center and downtown Houston....

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Taxis - Houston


Taxis are plentiful in the Downtown area, but elsewhere they're scarce and hailing one can be a very trying experience. So it's always best to phone for one. Cab companies include:   Taxis Fiesta tel: (713) 225 2666 Square Deal Cab Company tel: (713) 659 7236 Yellow Cab Company tel:...

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