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The Health Museum

ImageThis museum showcases huge sculptures of human organs at the Jim Hickox Amazing Body Pavilion. Exciting exhibits include a seven metre long backbone and a three metre tall brain. Another interesting feature is the 'walk-in eyeball' where visitors can learn how the eye functions as an organ. These are just some of the many exhibits that are present, each of which demonstrates how that particular organ functions, and how the body works as a whole. Demonstrations on how to stay fit and healthy are also included in this fascinating museum.

1515 Hermann Drive, Museum District
Tel: (713) 942 7054.
Website: www.mhms.org
Opening hours: Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat 0900-1700 (also open Mondays from Memorial Day to Labour Day), Thurs 0900-1900, Sun 1200-1700.
Admission charge; free for families Thurs 1600-1900.  


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