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Museum of Fine Arts

ImageThis museum has an extensive collection of many works of art, including the Straus Collection of Renaissance and 18th-century paintings, as well as Post-Impressionist works from Gauguin, Van Gogh and Monet. Boasting over 45,000 pieces of art, this museum also showcases antiquities, African sculptures, costumes and textiles. The Beck Building has skylights in its roof, allowing sunlight to stream through giving visitors an ideal condition to view the paintings. The Museum of Fine Arts is truly an art lover's paradise! 



1001 Bissonnet Street, Museum District

Tel: (713) 639 7300.

Website: www.mfah.org

Opening hours: Tues and Wed 1000-1700, Thurs 1000-2100, Fri and Sat 1000-1900, Sun 1215-1900.

Admission charge; free on Thurs.  


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