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Houston's Residents

Image Houston is a very multicultural city with over 90 languages spoken and is home to many Asian immigrants. Chinese and Vietnamese people exist in huge numbers so much so that some parts of the city have streets signs named in Chinese and Vietnamese in addition to English!  Houston has a 'Little India', a 'Little Saigon' and two 'Chinatowns'.


The city is home to the third largest Hispanic community and has one of the largest communities of Indian Americans and Pakistani Americans.  


White Americans make up 30.8% of Houston's residents, Hispanics make up 37.4 %, African Americans make up 25.3%, Asian Americans 5.3% whilst  American Indians make up 0.1% of the population.   


Houston embraces all ethnicities and this can be seen by the presence of numerous ethnic restaurants dotted around the city. Many world religions are followed by Houstonians and these include Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Russian Orthodox.  




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