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ImageThough taxis in Chicago are among the cheapest in the United States, they are still an expensive way to get around, and should only be utilized late at night, or if no other options are available.

The base rate is $3.25, plus an additional $1.80 per mile and $2.00 per six minutes of waiting.  There is a $1.00 charge for an adult passenger and $.50 for each additional passenger.  The rate is 1.5x outside city limits, and tolls are charged to the passenger.  Tips are expected for good service.

Taxis are plentiful in the Loop and downtown, but less so as you get farther out.  If you're not having luck hailing a taxi, you can call dispatch.

Yellow Cab
Telephone: (312) 829 4222
Website: http://yellowcabchicago.com/

Checker Cab
Telephone: (312) 243 2537

American-United Taxi
Telephone: (773) 248 7600

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