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Transportation - Getting Around in Chicago - United States

Bus - Chicago


Chicago's bus system is extensive.  Just about every major major street is on a bus route.  Bus stops are denoted by blue and white signs, which show the route they're located on.  Buses generally run every five to fifteen minutes during the day along busy routes.
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Car Rental - Chicago

Car Rental

To rent a car in Chicago you must have a valid driver's license or an International Driving Permit.  Policies, insurance information, and minimum age requirements vary with each rental company.  Be sure to check beforehand.

Every major rental car company has offices at both...

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Driving Tips - Chicago

Driving Tips

Chicago has America's second best public transit system, so driving is not necessary.  If you must drive, the biggest obstacle is traffic.  Chicago's main roads are consistently backed up during the day, especially during rush hours.  Parking can also be a challenge, especially in...

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From the Airport - Chicago

From the Airport

Chicago has two major airports: O'Hare and Midway.  O'Hare International Airport is located inland, and is one of the world's busiest.  Midway serves domestic flights and is located 13km southwest of the Loop.

Taxis are available around the clock.  They charge 1.5 times...

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Taxi - Chicago


Though taxis in Chicago are among the cheapest in the United States, they are still an expensive way to get around, and should only be utilized late at night, or if no other options are available.

The base rate is $3.25, plus an additional $1.80 per mile and $2.00 per six minutes of...

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Trains - Chicago


Chicago's train system is called the "El" (or L), as most of the tracks are above ground and elevated.  It's run by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).  Most of Chicago's major tourist attractions are located within walking distance of a stop, and it is definitely the most...

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