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Hot Doug's

altIf you want to try what is in all likelihood the best hot dog in the world, come to Hot Doug's.  The obscure location, down a back-alley in some lost corner of North Chicago, belies just how amazing these hot dogs (and just about any other sausage you can think of) are.  There is an astonishing number of of offerings here, including one topped with foie gras.  Each is named after a celebrity or athlete.  If you're here on Friday and Saturday, be sure to try the delectable duck fat fries.

If you're trying to stay halal, there are numerous animals represented in the various sausage products, including duck and mutton.  Prepare for a long wait, though.  Rain or shine the line stretches around the block.  Once again, this is one of the best restaurants in Chicago, even though nothing on the menu is more than $5.00.  No superlatives can do these hot dogs justice.

Unfortunately there is no train station nearby, so you'll need to take a car or bus.

Address: 3324 North California, Chicago
Telephone: (773) 279 9550
Website: www.hotdougs.com
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:30-16:00

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