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altFoodies will not want to miss this unique dining experience.  Chef Grant Achatz has used gastronomy to create one of the world's best restaurants.  Each meal consists of twenty fixed miniature courses, each with its own fanciful presentation.  The Black Truffle Explosion is legendary.  If you have the money -- it'll set you back around $200 per diner -- definitely check it out.  Alinea pushes the limits of what food can be.

The service is impeccable too.  The servers are personable and know their food.  There's a good chance you'll even be able to meet Chef Grant Achatz himself.  To commemorate this one of a kind experience, you get to keep a copy of the menu.

Cuisine: Molecular Gastronomy
Location: 1723 North Halsted Street
Telephone: (312) 867 0110
Website: www.alinea-restaurant.com

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