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Christmas around the World

Image The Christmas around the World exhibit is a window into the soul of a country. Here visitors will be delighted with the Christmas tree exhibits that show the different ways people from across the world decorate their trees. Fifty trees, all decorated by a different Chicago ethnic community adorn the halls of the Museum of Science and Industry. Each tree is uniquely decorated. There is a plate at the foot of each tree, describing the ornaments and decorations that are customarily used. The trees are decorated with lights, glass ornaments, straw ornaments, ribbons, garlands and with every other type of adornment imaginable.  Music and dances from around the globe also form part of the month and a half long festivities. This exhibit carries on through to the first week of January. 
57th Street and Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois.
Call (773)-684-1414 for more information


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