Chicago Residents

Chicagoans are often extroverted; talkative, assertive and outgoing. They are friendly, social people who are positive in most situations. Chicago is a great place for people who like group activities and social gatherings. Hard-working Chicagoans love sports, both as participants and fans. Many can be seen playing along the lakeshores.
According to the US Census Bureau, White Americans made up 37.6% of Chicago’s population while Black or African Americans made up 35.0%. Asian Americans accounted for 4.9% of the population while other races made 20.6%.
The main ethnic groups in Chicago are African American, Irish, German, Italian, Mexican, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Chinese, Slovak, Lithuanian, Polish, Bosnian, Czech, Filipino, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Indian, Arab, and Puerto Rican.
Poles in Chicago constitute the largest Polish population outside of the Polish capital of Warsaw.