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General Information About Chicago - United States

Chicago History - Chicago

Chicago History

What is now Chicago was first settled by Europeans in the 1780s.  During the War of 1812 it was the sight of Fort Dearborn, an important outpost of the US Army.  The town of Chicago was founded along the southwest shore of Lake Michigan on August 12, 1833 after the remaining Native...

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Chicago in one day - Chicago

Chicago in one day

Start your tour of Chicago with a sampling of the city's famed architecture.  Take a guided walking tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  This two hour tour traverses the Loop, giving insight into the city's history and letting you feel the pulse of the city.  There is also...

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Chicago Residents - Chicago

Chicago Residents

Chicagoans are often extroverted; talkative, assertive and outgoing. They are friendly, social people who are positive in most situations. Chicago is a great place for people who like group activities and social gatherings. Hard-working Chicagoans love sports, both as participants and fans. Many...

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Chicago Today - Chicago

Chicago Today

Chicago is called the "second city", as it is second only to New York in terms of its importance in the United States.  It is an economic powerhouse.  Chicago has the 4th highest GDP of any metro area in the world.  That's reflected in the spectacular skyline, which...

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Fast Facts - Chicago

Fast Facts

Location : In northeastern Illinois, at the southwestern tip of Lake Michigan.
* Nicknames: Windy City, Second City, Gem of the Prairie, the “I will” City, City in a Garden.
* Race/Ethnicity Mixture: 57% Caucasian, 19% Latino, 18% Black, 5% Asian; 1%...

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Public Holidays - Chicago

Public Holidays

   New Year’s Day - 1st
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day – 3rd Monday in Jan

    Groundhog Day- 2nd
    Lincoln’s Birthday – 12th
    Valentine’s Day- 14th
    President’s Day- 3rd...

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Visa Information - Chicago

Visa Information

There is now a new process for persons traveling to the United States. It includes an Electronic Visa Application Form. This form will be processed faster and is now used for all Nonimmigrant Visa applications. The Electronic Visa Application Form is an online application that can be filled out on...

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When to go - Chicago

When to go

Summer is the best time to visit Chicago.  The weather gets hot and humid -- regularly into the mid 30s --but temperatures are moderated somewhat by Lake Michigan.  It's usually sunny too, though severe storms can pop up suddenly.  Summer is also filled with festivals and cultural...

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