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London - United Kingdom
London Today
London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom, but also one of the world’s financial and cultural capitals.  It is a thriving metropolis that symbolizes multiculturalism at its best, with a population of over 8 million and more than ...
London History
The Romans established the town of Londinium shortly after their invasion of Britain in 43AD.  In the second century, the city became capital of Roman Britain as the population reached 60,000.  The Romans built the London wall, which was ...

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
What would become Hyde Park was purchased by Henry VIII in 1536 from Westminster Abbey (who had...

Millennium Bridge
This pedestrian bridge has become a landmark of twenty-first century London.  The 330m long...

National Gallery
In the late eighteenth century, royal art collections across Europe were being nationalized and...

Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament)
Like Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace (or the Palace of Westminster) dates to the Anglo-Saxon...

Trafalgar Square
 Yet another of London’s iconic landmarks, Trafalgar Square is situated at Charing Cross,...

London - United Kingdom City Guide & Travel Information


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