London has 2 types of taxis – the licenced taxis or the black cabs and the minicabs. Licenced taxi’s can be hailed in the street or at designated taxi stands such as the ones at rail, tube and bus stations. Fare is payable at the end of the journey and is displayed on the taxi meter. There is no extra charge for luggage.

Black cabs can be booked through Dial-a-cab
Tel: 020-7426 3420

Radio taxis
Tel: 020-7272 0272

Minicabs are private hire vehicles that need to be booked by phone or at a minicab office. Vehicles can’t be approached on the street. Most operators have fixed fares that are generally agreed upon before the journey. Beware of illegal unlicensed drivers, especially at night on some cab services.

Cab Service : Liverpool Station – text HOME to 60835 – gives you local licensed minicab numbers.

West End Car Services:
47 Rupert Street, W1D 7PD
Tel : 020-7734  8970

Butterfly Cars
80, Clifton Street
London  EC2A 4HB
Tel: 020-8761 6568

Addison Lee
Address: 35-37, William Road
London  NW1 3ER
Tel: 020- 7387 8888