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Car for Hire

ImageHiring a car is best if you are planning on visiting places near or around London such as Hampton Court, Brighton, Oxford or Stonehenge.

To hire a car you can contact the following car hire companies:

Tel: 0870 6060100
Website: www.avis.co.uk

Tel: 0870 156 5656
Website: www.budget.co.uk

Tel: 0870 599 6699
Website: www.hertz.co.uk

Easy car
Tel: 0906 333 3333  
Website: www.easycar.com (congestion charge included)

Prestige Car Rental
Tel: 077 3704 9867
Website: www.prestigecarhire.org

Sports Car Hire
Tel: 020 8951 4600
Website: www.sportscarhire.org.uk


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