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Transportation - Getting Around in London - United Kingdom

Buses  - London


London has an extensive bus network which runs 9000 buses on 700 routes, 24 hours a day carrying over 6 million passengers daily.
London’s famous red ‘Routemaster’ buses have been phased out. They now run only on ‘Heritage routes’ (bus no. 9 & 15 daily...

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Car for Hire - London

Car for Hire

Hiring a car is best if you are planning on visiting places near or around London such as Hampton Court, Brighton, Oxford or Stonehenge.

To hire a car you can contact the following car hire companies:

Tel: 0870 6060100
Website: www.avis.co.uk
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Driving Tips - London

Driving Tips

At the outset it is necessary to warn the tourist that driving around London is best avoided. Driving in Central London can be a slow, harrowing and frustrating experience. Parking is extremely expensive. To discourage traffic jams a Central London traffic congestion charge has been put into place....

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From the Airport - London

From the Airport

London has 6 airports. There are various public transport links for traveling between the city and the airport.
For transfer, between London airports it is best to use direct inter airport bus service by National Express.
Heathrow – Gatwick  75 mins...

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Metro - London


Commonly referred to as the ‘Tube’, the London underground is the oldest, most extensive underground in the world. There are 11 underground lines for the underground network, each with a different name and colour. The network is divided into 6 connective zones which determine the price of the...

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Taxi - London


London has 2 types of taxis – the licenced taxis or the black cabs and the minicabs. Licenced taxi’s can be hailed in the street or at designated taxi stands such as the ones at rail, tube and bus stations. Fare is payable at the end of the journey and is displayed on the taxi meter. There is...

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