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Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew date back to the seventeenth century.  They are the grounds of Kew Palace, and were nationalized in 1840.  The gardens cover more than 300 acres.  In addition, there are several glasshouses filled with exotic fauna.  In 2003 they were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The gardens are huge, so plan out what you want to see ahead of time.  This is a good, relaxing place to spend an afternoon.  Kew Gardens are also home to England’s largest flagpole, so don’t miss that.

Telephone: +44 020 8332 5655
Website: www.kew.org
Metro: Kew Gardens (London Overground, District)
Hours: Open daily 09:30-18:30 (April to August); Winter: closes at 4:15pm.
Admission: £14.50 Adults; free for children



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