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Selfridges Kitchen: Masala Zone

Anyone visiting London has to visit Oxford Street and one of the poshy stores on Oxford Street is Selfridges. It has been there since 1909 and caters to tourists from all over the world. In keeping with the motto of its founder Harry Gordon Selfridge, "I am prepared to sell anything from an aeroplane to a cigar," Selfridges has a fourth floor restaurant section which caters to the culinary needs of all visitors.


In view of the large number of Muslim tourists who visit the store, The Selfridges Kitchen has a "Masala Zone" that serves halal food. Middle Eastern shawarma wraps and mixed grills as well as Indian/Pakistani chicken biryani and whole wheat rotis can be found at the Selfridges Kitchen.


Enjoy halal food and then head back to the store for more shopping.


The Selfridges Kitchen: Masala Zone
Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Indian
Halal authenticity: Halal sign, confirmed by salesperson (Feb 2014)

Fourth Floor of Selfridges Store

400 Oxford Street, London, England W1A 2LR
Tel: 0207 318 3156


Timings: 9:30am to 9:00pm daily except Sunday 11:30am to 6:15pm



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