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Gulshan Tandoori

This restaurant has been "recommended unreservedly" by Time Out London, as one of the best Tandoori restaurants in London. It serves Bangladeshi and Indian-Pakistani cuisine. Established in 1982, this restaurant has been serving excellent food under the same head chef for over 3 decades.


It is located about a 10 minutes walk from both the Farringdon and the Angel Tube Stations.


Gulshan Tandoori
Cuisine: Bangladeshi/Indian/Pakistani
Halal authenticity: Owners are known Muslims from Bangladesh and the restaurant management has confirmed (Feb 2014) that they only serve certified Halal meat - however, please note that this restaurant serves alcohol

15-17 Exmouth Market, London, England EC1R 4QD
Tel: 0207 837 7437

Open 11am to 11:30pm daily



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