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Halal Restaurants in London - United Kingdom

Abu Zaad Edgware Road - London

Abu Zaad Edgware Road

Abu Zaad at Edgeware Road is considered to be better than the Shepherds Bush branch. Although the restaurant is small and usually busy, it is a great place to have good Syrian food.

Like the Shepherds Bush branch, the restaurant is known for its high quality, authentic Syrian food. The...

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Abu Zaad Shepherds Bush - London

Abu Zaad Shepherds Bush

Abu Zaad offers a rare chance to sample Syrian food in London. Decorated with pictures of Damascus – which some may find a little too gaudy - the restaurant is known for its high quality, authentic Syrian food. The helpings are generous while affordable prices and friendly staff make it a must...

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Al Arez Edgware Road - London

Al Arez Edgware Road

Al Arez is a traditional Lebanese restaurant based in London. It specializes in charcoal grilled kebabs.
It is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. They do not serve alcohol.

101 Edgware Road
London W2 2HX
Tel: 020 7262 483
Hours: 11AM – 2AM All...

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Al Arez Knightsbridge - London

Al Arez Knightsbridge

Al Arez is one of the better traditional Lebanese restaurants in London. It specializes in charcoal grilled kebabs and chicken. It is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. It has a no alcohol policy. It also has a branch on Edgware Road.
128 Brampton Road
London SW3...

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Aziziye Restaurant - London

Aziziye Restaurant

Aziziye Restaurant is one of the best Turkish restaurants in North London. They have a wide variety of Turkish delicacies ranging from Turkish pizzas to fire grilled kebabs.

Located below Aziziye Mosque, it is ideal for lunch after Friday prayers. There is also a free of cost...

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Beirut Express - London

Beirut Express

One of the best Lebanese fast food restaurants in London.  Located on Edgware Road, it caters to both locals and tourists.  Unlike other shawarma joints in London, Beirut Express seats 30 guests but be prepared to wait as there is always a rush for seating. Takeaways are quicker.
But if...

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Bosphorus Kebabs - London

Bosphorus Kebabs

A small cafe style kebab shop which is best for takeaways. The "gyro" or doner kebabs that they serve are stated to be authentic Turkish kebabs. The shop has very limited seating available and is generally busy because of its good reputation.
 Halal authenticity: Uzbek staff...

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Cafe Zeynah Oxford Street - London

Cafe Zeynah Oxford Street

In the middle of London's busiest shopping street, across from Debenhams on Oxford Street, is a small kiosk which sells halal food. Cafe Zeynah has no seating arrangements. It is a place where you stop to buy fish and chips or fried chicken or Middle Eastern specialities such as falafel and...

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