Fast Facts

Location: London is located in the south east of England on the banks of the River Thames                  

Dialing code:

       Country code 44

       Local city code 20
       For example, if you are dialing a London number from outside of UK the number will be 00 44 20 xxxx xxxx

Emergency numbers

·    Police- 999
·    Fire  - 999
·    Ambulance- 999
·    General Emergency  999

8.17 million ( metropolitan area)
Languages - English is the main language and is widely spoken and understood. London is however, home to people, who speak over 300 different languages.

      240 volts AC, 50 Hz, three square pin plugs are standard.
Time zone:
GMT (GMT + 1 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October)

      Average January temperatures:  Max 8°C             Min 2°C
      Average July temperatures:        Max 23°C           Min 14°C
      Annual rainfall:                          Max 64mm         Min 32mm