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General Information About London - United Kingdom

Annual Temperature - London

Annual Temperature

Max: 8°C
Min: 5°C

Max: 9°C
Min: 5°C

Max: 12°C
Min: 6°C

Max: 14°C
Min: 8°C

Max: 18°C
Min: 10°C

Max: 21°CRead More

Fast Facts - London

Fast Facts

Location: London is located in the south east of England on the banks of the River Thames                   Dialing code:        Country code...

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London History - London

London History

The Romans established the town of Londinium shortly after their invasion of Britain in 43AD.  In the second century, the city became capital of Roman Britain as the population reached 60,000.  The Romans built the London wall, which was 6m tall and 2.5m thick, and survived for 1,600...

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London Today - London

London Today

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom, but also one of the world’s financial and cultural capitals.  It is a thriving metropolis that symbolizes multiculturalism at its best, with a population of over 8 million and more than 300 different spoken languages.  Many of the...

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Public Holidays - London

Public Holidays

New Year's Day:  January 1
Good Friday: Friday before Easter Sunday (date varies) - April 18, 2014, April 3 2015, March 25 2016, April 14 2017
Easter Monday: Monday after Good Friday - April 21, 2014, April 6 2015, March 28 2016, April 17 2017
Early May Bank Holiday: First...

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Visa Information - London

Visa Information

There are different requirements for entry into the UK depending on your nationality, country of residence, country of departure and the reason/duration of your visit. Please ensure you have the necessary documents/permissions before you travel or you could be refused entry into the UK. Further...

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When to go - London

When to go

During summer, London's bountiful green spaces fill up with office workers and tourists enjoying the surprisingly balmy days as café tables sprout across a multitude of pavements. Due to global warming summer days occasionally become unbearable. The London Underground is not fully airconditioned...

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