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Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Sharjah Today
Sharjah continues to excel in the economic sense by having the biggest vehicle market in the Middle East. The restored Heritage and Arts areas are some of the best in the UAE and prominent festivals bring international recognition. In 1998, it was ...
Sharjah History
The history of Sharjah begins 5000 years ago when it was one of the wealthiest civilizations of the Gulf region, originally called Sarcoa. Trade was conducted through farming, hunting, fishing and peal farming. During the 16th century the Portuguese ...

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation
If you’ve ever wanted to anything and everything about Islam then this museum is the place to go....

Sharjah Aquarium
Seahorses, clownfish, moray eels and sharks are some of the 250 plus creatures you’ll find here...

Sharjah Maritime Museum
Next door to the Aquarium, this museum opened in mid-2009. Here you’ll find wooden dhows, fishing...

Al Qasba Canal
This strip, which runs on both banks of a canal and are linked by a twinkling bridge, has a great...

Sharjah Desert Park
This park is located 26 kilometers from the city centre and has four venues stretched over 1 sq-km;...

Sharjah - United Arab Emirates City Guide & Travel Information


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